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HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It’s one of the better interfaces available to the general public for transmitting uncompressed digital data. 

An HDMI cable substitutes the 3 composite and the 3 component cables, as well as other types of V/A cables. It works on any display format for a TV. It can also be used for computer monitors. 

Regarding the transmission of audio, an HMDI cable supports up to 8 digital audio channels. 

The way HDMI works are by encoding video and audio data into Transmission Minimized Differential Signaling serial technology. This technology reduces electromagnetic interference over copper cables and a much higher definition. HDMI then transfers this data uncompressed to the receiver.

In order to get the information, a receiver should support one of the three different HDMI cable connectors.

Connector type A has 19 pins and supports Standard Definition Television (SDTV), Enhanced Definition Television (EDTV), and High Definition Television (HDTV) resolution. It measures 13.9 by 4.45 millimeters.

Connector type B has 29 pins. In addition to supporting the formats supported by connector type A, it supports very high definition formats, such as WQUXSA. This is because it carries twice as much bandwidth than connector type A. It measures 21.2 by 4.45 millimeters.

Connector type C has 19 pins, like the connector type A. It also has the same characteristics as connector type A, but is smaller and designed for small portable devices. It measures 10.42 by 2.42 millimeters.

A lot of common devices can use an HDMI cable for high definition video and audio, among them, last generation consoles. 

For example, video game and electronics giant Sony, released its new console, the Playstation 3, with an official HDMI cable. Gamers may also use cheaper a standard HDMI cable if they want to. This console supports many VA cables, but the best one by far is the HDMI cable. It features a much greater bandwidth. It’s the only one that supports 7.1 channel audio for the Playstation 3. 

Of course, the HDMI cable should be connected to a high definition TV, otherwise, none of these benefits are gained.

Another device that uses an HDMI cable a lot is a home theater system. Some of them just have an output for the HDMI cable. Some of them also have an HDMI input. Those that have both are recommended if new electronic devices that support HDMI are going to be added later, such as a Blu-ray player, a video game console, or a cable box that supports high definition. 

To finish, the HDMI interface is the best technology you can find for high definition audio and video in the market today. Just make sure that your devices support HDMI before you buy them.

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