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HDMI is the best technology that is available to the public for transmission of high definition video and audio. Although it’s relatively new and most people still use composite cables (yellow for video, white and red for audio), the HDMI format is gaining popularity as more and more appliances and devices, both sources and receivers, support HDMI technology.

Some of the most common HDMI receivers are plasma TVs. Because of their size, width and form, they tend to be mounted on walls, rather than placed on furniture. That way, their image can be seen better by anyone in the room, and they also look impressive.

However, the HDMI cable that connects them to the source might not be as impressive, in fact, it looks awkward and out of place, hanging like a lost shoelace and breaking the look or the room.

Unless you want a cable dangling from your plasma TV, you can solve this problem by getting an HDMI wall plate. An HDMI wall plate is a device that will let you hide the cable inside the wall, so it only comes out behind the source and the receiver.

In fact, you will need not one HDMI wall plate, but two: one to be close to the source and another one to the receiver. You will also need 3 HDMI cables. 

It’s important that you decide the exact place where you want your plasma TV or any other receiver to be, as the process requires some work and you won’t want to go through it again because you want the TV “just a bit to the left.”

The process goes like this:

– Prepare the wall for the HDMI wall plate that will go behind the plasma TV. It’s possible that you’ll have to dismount the plasma TV for this. 

– Prepare the wall for the HDMI wall plate that will go behind the source. 

– Connect the HDMI cable that will go inside the wall to the upper HDMI wall plate. It’s a good idea to use insulation tape as well. You don’t want to open your wall just because the cable fell off.

– Place the upper HDMI wall plate on the place where it will be. DON’T install it yet. Instead, make sure that the cable can reach the place where the lower HDMI wall plate will be. You’ll probably need someone else to help you with this.

– Proceed to install the upper HDMI wall plate. 

– Connect the other end of the cable to the lower HDMI wall plate. 

– Install the lower HDMI wall plate.

– Connect the source and the receiver to their respective HDMI wall plate, using the other two HDMI cable.

There you go, just remember not to skip any step. This process makes sure that you don’t make any basic mistakes that require you to dismount the whole thing to fix it. Believe me, you don’t want to do that.

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