Review: Ubiquiti UniFi Switch USW-24-POE Gen2

Review: Ubiquiti UniFi Switch USW-24-POE Gen2 Leave a comment

amazon ID:CnbmR8DDb_w – Ubiquiti UniFi Switch USW-24-POE Gen2

Ubiquiti UniFi Switch USW-24-POE Gen2
I recently upgraded all my network equipment with Ubiquiti equipment, I purchased two of these units to complement my UDM Pro. They work flawlessly, and are very easy to setup and manage.
I would never go back to what I had before, although it was adequate, it just didnt provide the visibility you have with the Ubiquiti controller management software.
Ubiquiti makes some awesome equipment. Best of all not contracts, and no additional cost to run their stuff.
If you have a ubiquiti network, no reason not to get this 🙂
Been a Unifi user for many years and happy…

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