Review: ASUS MG278Q WQHD, 1ms 27-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Review: ASUS MG278Q WQHD, 1ms 27-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor Leave a comment

amazon ID:AoP7zV_dRm0 – ASUS MG278Q WQHD, 1ms 27-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor

ASUS MG278Q WQHD, 1ms 27-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor
This is one of the finest 24″ 4K monitor. I bought it because it offers an insane PPI given the 23.6″ display and 4K pizels. If you are new to 4K monitors, this is a great, entry level 4K.
But if you are one of those who likes big screens, I would suggest considering a 27″ monitor which may have a slightly. Reasons to buy this monitor:1.
Insane PPI: I use this monitor to both code and see some occasional video (youtube) and gaming. This is a perfect monitor for all three and the pixel density make every other screen…
ASUS MG278Q WQHD, 1ms 27-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor

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