Review: BenQ PB6110 DLP Video Projector

Review: BenQ PB6110 DLP Video Projector Leave a comment

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BenQ PB6110 DLP Video Projector
I owned this projector previously. This is beyond my expectations. Great price, Thank you.
I made a huge research before buy this one, Im not a fan of any brand, I just wanted the best for buck, simply. and I got it, compared with many others below $900 range, infocus, epson, optoma, viewsonic, nec..etc and definetely this one stands out.
However youll have to buy a composite to vga cable, to get better results. highly noticeable, when you use this special cable, tested with a yamaha progressive dvd player.
I tested also from my toshiba laptop thru a firewire port…
BenQ PB6110 DLP Video Projector
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