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Review: Acer V206WQL bd 19.5" HD (1440 x 900) Monitor (DVI & VGA Ports) Black

Review: Acer V206WQL bd 19.5″ HD (1440 x 900) Monitor (DVI & VGA Ports) Black Leave a comment

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https://amzn.to/2M1RthM – Acer V206WQL bd 19.5″ HD (1440 x 900) Monitor (DVI & VGA Ports) Black

Acer V206WQL bd 19.5″ HD (1440 x 900) Monitor (DVI & VGA Ports) Black
This little Acer monitor is perfect for a 3rd monitor in my office/gaming empire! Its adequate considering how small it is. As an added bonus its IPS so the color is spot-on, no adjustments needed.
I have it wall mounted above my two 34″ wide-screen gaming monitors. Its used as a static monitor for emails and important family communication. Hard to beat this little ACER as a back-up or 3rd monitor.
Great monitor for its price. Easy to set up, good display, and no backlight bleeding.
Great quality monitor for the price.
Works great!!! I love it!!!
Tends to act…
Acer V206WQL bd 19.5″ HD (1440 x 900) Monitor (DVI & VGA Ports) Black
Visit – https://rebrand.ly/4xmr3fd

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