Review: Epson V11H692020 LCD Projector, PowerLite X27,White

Review: Epson V11H692020 LCD Projector, PowerLite X27,White Leave a comment

amazon ID:BBWS1TlYzFo – Epson V11H692020 LCD Projector, PowerLite X27,White

Epson V11H692020 LCD Projector, PowerLite X27,White
I love this projector. It’s compact enough to bring with me to events and has a wonderful, bright image.
We use Epson projectors at our school and have used them exclusively for over 8 years. The bulbs last long and I have not had one that has gone out–over 25 on campus.
Great projector. Arrived as advertised. Nice and bright for a room that has some natural light in it too
Great colors but Id your sitting less than 13 feet away the picture looks like its being projected through a window screen (from the lower pixels) and since the…
Epson V11H692020 LCD Projector, PowerLite X27,White
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