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Review: Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro Medium Case

Review: Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro Medium Case Leave a comment

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https://amzn.to/3sV5y1u – Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro Medium Case

Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro Medium Case
Works beautifully for my 2017 Intuos Pro Medium. Wacom sells a new Soft Case Medium, but I wanted to go with this one. If youre wondering about how a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium will fit, I will say this.It fits perfectly.
So perfectly that youll think this case was made just for this tablet.
There is enough room inside for the cable, pen, and pen stand.One note of observation is that the pen stand is quite bulky in the case, so I tend to place the entire cased tablet with pen face down.
I dont know if years down the…
Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro Medium Case
Visit – https://rebrand.ly/4xmr3fd

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