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Review: Wacom Link Plus for Cintiq Pro 13/16 (ACK42819)

Review: Wacom Link Plus for Cintiq Pro 13/16 (ACK42819) Leave a comment

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https://amzn.to/3pibS0S – Wacom Link Plus for Cintiq Pro 13/16 (ACK42819)

Wacom Link Plus for Cintiq Pro 13/16 (ACK42819)
It links between graphic cards 1650s and LG UltraFine monitor 2k, works well but only has 1080p output resolution.
Great, now I could connect my LG ultrafine 22MD4KA monitor to Windows computer that doesn’t support USB-C video output!
If I connect pc by mini-DP the resolution could up to 4K 60hz(the default setting is 30hz), however, if I connect by HDMI the pc will recognize it as DVI output, which only support up to 1080P.
Just a little too expensive since I have paid $600 for the monitor.
Finally there’s only a single cable on my table that goes from…
Wacom Link Plus for Cintiq Pro 13/16 (ACK42819)
Visit – https://rebrand.ly/4xmr3fd

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