Review: LG 24LG 24" 1920x1080 Gaming Monitor, 24GL65B-B

Review: LG 24LG 24″ 1920×1080 Gaming Monitor, 24GL65B-B Leave a comment

amazon ID:74XQ2RsvaTw – LG 24LG 24″ 1920×1080 Gaming Monitor, 24GL65B-B

LG 24LG 24″ 1920×1080 Gaming Monitor, 24GL65B-B
Works as expected. Fair (but not great) price for a decent monitor my son uses for gaming.
I’m very happy with the monitor and have had zero issues. If I had to nitpick and say something I don’t like I’d say that sometimes the response time when turning on/off and changing inputs on the monitor is a little delayed.
Also, it’s on the brighter side and adjusting the picture takes some effort if you’re going outside of the list of presets
Ive always been a fan of LGs Ultragear line of monitors and recently tried the 27″ GN850 but it…
LG 24LG 24″ 1920×1080 Gaming Monitor, 24GL65B-B
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