Review: Dell Professional P190S 19-inch Flat Panel Monitor

Review: Dell Professional P190S 19-inch Flat Panel Monitor Leave a comment

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Dell Professional P190S 19-inch Flat Panel Monitor
If you, like I did, want the large-view advantage of a 19″ screen without the larger horizontal foorprint, this is perfect for you (as it was me), since more than usual of the 19″ diagonal is accomplished via the height (as opposed to the width).
Plus, the vertical and swivel adjustability allow for even tighter spacial constraints. I could not have designed a monitor for tight spaces any better.
Simply thrilled with it! The USBs in the back are a little tricky to access, but not prohibitively so. Side USBs are great option too. Love this thing to death.
Dell Professional P190S 19-inch Flat Panel Monitor
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