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It’S just typical: that’s how to take care of family she’s. So did the thermal problem go away? Well, the load sixty-four aims and it’s turned on and we’re pushing it justive 826. What’S continuously, it doesn’t seem to be boiling up. It’S also a clipping way nicer than before, because once it goes into thermal protection mode, you get this really nasty kind of current-limiting waveform going, which is realist, spiky and horrible.

I think he’s thinking actually induce it by turning up just a bit more reggae, see even with this giant heatsink. This module will still have thermal issues and that just speaks to even magnitude of the design issue or from minimal the heatsink actually put on it, because I haven’t broken that heatsink, the heat pipe is stopped, you think hot, be the heatsink. Is the too hot to touch rail and it is even radiating heat quite well. I can feel it streaming up that bird’s turning it up to light, still causes it to carrying to take made. So what can you say you get what you pay for versus at this rate of his amplifier modules, should at least be usable and as for the actual performance improvement forces model.

Well, we’ve gone from 22 watts per channel to 24, what’s per channel into a team. 0.1 % th d n from 47 watts per channel to thirty eight point: six watts per channel at a 1 % THD n and we’ve gained debating what at 10 percent THD n but visit a she does trail make much difference. But he know the module actually works at 4 ohms at which we get about 22 watts per channel at 0.1 %, DHD plus n about 30 watts at 1 % and still overheating.

If we try to push it to 10 %, but hey now, he can actually push a bit 20 watts per channel into 4 ohms at a 14 volt supply, which actually makes this module really nice for using some 12 volt scoring audio system, something of alikes. But a good free watts per channel more than you’d get eight of your generic linear car audio chip and the unclipped fidelity of it. When run of a 14 volt rail into forums is really quite superior to his core audio chips as well, and what pushing about 14 watts per channel in the forum’s right now and was a 10.1 % distortion, false kale setting and with what point a five percenter. So which is way superior and that marks the end of that review, because I in my in system just reverse polarity to this finger 26 volts and it didn’t take kindly to you that so this module shot so polarity protection not present.

Thank you for all glory.

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