How to set up UniFi wireless-uplinks | AP-AC-LR connected wirelessly to AP-AC-PRO

I’m Sam Sheridan from Sheridan computers, in this video I’m going to show you how to set up wireless uplink with UniFi equipment. Generally I wouldn’t recommend that you do this because setting up wireless up links will seriously hinder the link speed but sometimes you don’t have a choice which is the reason we’re doing it. My client is in listed building and they won’t let us blow holes in any walls, as much as I do like doing that. So we have no choice other than to do a wireless uplink to do this.

So I’m gonna do this I have engineers on site that are able to plug the access points in for me while we set them up and configure the uplink, and then we should be good to go at the end of it.

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I’ll leave some links in the description below to where you can get these access points. So let’s go ahead and set up the wireless uplink. So if we go into devices and select our access point. Go to “config”, Under “radios” the settings usually here. So in order to do this we need to edit the site configand enable “Connectivity monitor and wireless uplink” and if we do that we now got the option to allow meshing from other access points so that’s cool we’ve got that option.

So this one I am going to configure because I want it to actually mesh TO another access point, and that’s disabled by default so in order to enable that you need to go down to “Wireless Uplink” and select “Allow meshing to another access point” Apply that. And it’s provisioning, so once that’s finished provisioning then we can configure the master one, there’s nothing that we really need to change on that. Once we’ve enabled the wireless uplink we can go in and under radios, this is enabled by default so It willl connect straight away. I just wanted to do a quick video on how to do this because the option wasn’t there when I was looking for it. Obviously you need to enable it, and I had it disabled.

Okay so i’ve switched the access points over, and put the main one back in. Let’s go and check this one and you can see this one set to meshing FROM otherer access points. And wiress uplinks we have a allow measuring TO other access points disabled because we don’t want it to mesh to other access points because this one’s on a cable. The other one’s located where we can’t get a cable to it which is the reason for doing this now. When we plugged it in and we didn’t enable “allow meshing to another access point”, it did come up with it flash blue for about five seconds and then go off.

I’ve seen a few people ask what is, usually a network issue.

So let’s go an plug the other one in and see if we get an uplink. So I’ve had an engineer go upstairs with the access point that we’ve just configured to mesh, We’ve plugged a POE injector into it, it’s got no ethernet cable in it, and it’s connected we can see it. and as you can see the main one that we have in the office is an AP-AC-PRO and the one that we are meshing from is an AP-AC-LR ,and you can see it says “connected wireless”. So that’s it if you had if you’ve had any issues doing this or you weren’t sure how to do meshing between these access points, they do support it.

We’ll see how stable it is, but I just figured I’d record the video while we was doing it.

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