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Hyper TX 3: How to install the fans with the clips provided.

For today’s view, you will be demonstrating how to install the 92 millimeter fan. It comes included with the hyper tx3. We have here laid out the hyper tx3 cooler itself, the 92 millimeter fan and two clips. The 92 millimeter fan comes with four rubber pads. You want to line the side of the fan with the pads to the heatsink like so now.

Take a clip make sure the hook is pointing towards the fan that you want to install, not the other way around next hook the wire clip into the fan holes, the wire will stay on without holding now once you have the hooks and the holes gently push The wire clip into the provided heat sink cut out the security place, the fan for that side and repeat with the other side. The hyper tx3 comes with extra flying Clips. If you want to install a second fan for often cooling for more information about the hyper tx3 visit, w-w-w Kumasi usa.com

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