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Hands On With the Framework Laptop: The Most Upgradable Ultraportable Ever

Hands On With the Framework Laptop: The Most Upgradable Ultraportable Ever Leave a comment

This unique laptop from a new San Francisco-based maker lets you swap out the ports, all of the key internal components, and even the motherboard!

Read more about the Framework right here!

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About The Significant Role That ID Card Printers Play

It cannot be doubted at all that ID card printers play a very important role in the corporate world nowadays. From the most basic to the highly sophisticated models, they have all found a business organization that can truly benefit from their printing capabilities.

The HP Mini 110 and the ASUS Eee PC 1018P Netbooks Reviewed

Small, portable computers such as netbooks and tablets are becoming more and more popular these days. In the netbook market in particular, there are an astounding array of choices and often a limited amount of good information about these choices. In this review, I attempt to clear the fog a bit by comparing two netbooks from popular manufacturers, pointing out real-world features and faults that can clear up some of the confusion behind these handy devices.

Data Network Storage: Main Options Available to Businesses

Businesses rely on secure data preservation to serve customers and to promote successful operations.  The times of keeping filing cabinets full of documents have been long forgotten thanks to technology. Business networks have grown substantially in conjunction with consistent innovations of technology.

IT Hardware Maintenance: Protecting Device Performance

Business Information Technology (IT) systems require specific care to remain reliable throughout its use. The volume of data storage demands on hardware continues to grow at a rapid speed. Maintenance is imperative for securing all sensitive business data and hardware performance.

IBM P Series: A Great Networking Choice for Any Business

IBM products have a great reputation for performance and reliability, and offer a wide array of devices to assist with critical business processes. P Series servers became available in 2000 when the original servers were enhanced and renamed. Since that time these servers have continued to advance.

Disk Storage Arrays: Where Do They Fit Into the Data Preservation Puzzle?

Magnetic disks are something people have used throughout the computer ages. In the beginning stages of storage technology, large floppy disks held complete applications. These quickly advanced to small floppies which were capable of holding larger amounts of data.

SFP Cisco – Transmitting Technology Faster

Cisco Systems, INC is an internationally reputed company equipped with all possible distant visions to explore the increasing demand in the market and exploit the situation. The main products from this company are switches, wireless systems; open networking systems, security systems, software, modules and interfaces, network management and automation system. The company is also specialized in producing transceivers which include a well advanced and useful type of transceiver namely SFP or mini-GBIC.

HP Integrity Servers: Solutions to Meet Versatile Business Needs

Hewlett Packard (HP) has been a solid supplier of computing technology in all portions of the consumer market. The Integrity Server series became a part of their product line in 2003, offering Itanium processing architecture functionality. This particular line was inherited from Compaq.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers Provide a Dependable Networking Base

The x86 architecture is exclusive to Dell PowerEdge products. Earlier tower server versions were built around the Itanium processor from Intel, but Dell quit including Itanium technology in 2005 due to minimal market demand. Intel processors remained to be the sole processor for approximately another year.

Can Blackberry Take Down The iPad Juggernaut?

Apple’s selling a lot of iPads right now. For the quarter ended in June 2011, more than seven million of them. To put that in perspective, Apple’s iOS business (which includes iPad and iPhones) was reported online to be, by unit sales, larger than the PC businesses of HP and Dell, combined.

Building Computers From Scratch

Gone are the days when owning a computer is a luxury. A computer today is a necessity because it just makes everything so easy and convenient. With the high demand of owning a computer, you have an option of purchasing a completely configured computer set or building a computer from scratch.

How to Buy a Photo Printer

If you are buying a photo printer, there are a lot of factors to think about. Photo printers come in different formats so it is important you know what you are looking for before you buy. Hopefully, after reading this buyer’s guide you will feel more confident about what type of photo printer you should buy, or if you should purchase one at all!

Secrets of Shorting or Cracking Laptop Bios Password Using Paperclip Revealed

This is the preparatory section where I explain some things about the chip, CMOS, asset and service tags, and passwords; so that you will have a good grasp of the big picture. Hopefully it will also clear up any thing you have gotten a vague idea about on another website. All computers have special chips inside them that store information about the computer. Some of them are manufactured with permanent information that can not be changed (and, as a rule, all have exactly the same information on them; thus not for passwords.) These contain information about the computer model or are part of its functional circuitry.

About Wireless Local Area Network

A wireless local area network is the solution designed for network administrator which connects two or more devices with the usage of wireless distribution technology. Due to ease of installation, it also become more popular in the home and it provides a connection to the wider internet.

How to Use a USB/Flash Drive on My Computer?

The USB drive or widely known as memory stick, Thumb drive or Flash drive is a small device which can be connected directly to a computer through a USB port. It is a small storage device which has a variety of storage capacity. Pen drives with many storage capacity levels are available in the market. Most computers regardless of the operating system they run on provide facilities to access these Pen drives when they are connected to the computer.

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