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Hands On: Lenovo's 2022 Legion 7 & 7 Slim Gamers Rev Up the Ryzen and Core Chips

Hands On: Lenovo’s 2022 Legion 7 & 7 Slim Gamers Rev Up the Ryzen and Core Chips Leave a comment

The latest Legion enthusiast-gaming laptops are 16-inch beasts that come in cutting-edge AMD and Intel flavors. You can even kit out one model with Team Blue’s top new 12th Generation “HX” CPUs.

Read more about the Lenovo Legions right here!

00:00 – 01:33 Intro and basic comparisons between the Legion 7 and 7 Slim
01:33 – 02:13 Legion 7 Slim design
02:13 – 02:33 Legion 7 Slim connectivity
02:33 – 02:46 Legion 7 Slim performance
02:46 – 03:25 Legion 7 lighting and design
03:25 – 03:56 Legion 7 performance and cooling
03:56 – 04:11 Legion 7 lighting on ports
04:11 – 04:44 Legion 7 resolution and refresh rate
04:44 – 05:04 Legion 7 ethernet and thickness
05:04 – 05:49 Legion 7 access to interior
05:49 – 06:49 Wrap up

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Computer Hardware – When Does Your Tablet Become Your Portable TV, Video Cellphone, and Laptop?

A few weeks ago, I was at the local Starbucks and I was talking to an individual about what type of e-book reader or tablet they might be purchasing in the future. They said they were holding off, and waiting for more features to appear, and for the market to get a little bit more competition so they can get a lower price. Indeed, this makes a lot of sense, and when you think about it, it appears that all of our electronic devices are now becoming one.

The Computer Hardware That is Bendable, Flexible, and Reliable – Coming to a Tablet Near You

Indeed, I’ve always thought that a computer should be really easy to carry, and very hard to break. Back in 1999 there were quite a few designers in the personal computer field who envisioned bendable computers. We have that technology now, and there are lots of applications for such things like this, for instance smart phones and tablets.

USB to Ethernet Converter: Tapping Into the Network With Greater Ease

Whether for LAN or the Internet usage, most people rely on USB to Ethernet converter cables for a fast and reliable connection. These dedicated adapters are responsible for the transmission of data across two or more computers in a given system. For computers that are bundled into one local network, these cables serve as their lifelines. In the techie dictionary, USB and Ethernet are described as two distinct components with fairly unrelated functions.

The Precise Concept Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a newly emerging technology that offers immense benefits to its users worldwide. A lot of people say that cloud computing is the rationalized edition of utility computing. It allows you to expand and take your business to new heights without actually investing too much. It is a service that allows you to use particular software on the net without purchasing it.

Apads, EPads, WowPads – The New Wave of Android Tablets

In 2010, a lot of people were unfamiliar with aPads, ePads or Wowpads – otherwise known as  “iPad clones”. A few that purchased these devices concluded that aPads lacked the touch or feel of the iPad. A good number of people also acknowledged that the aPads are not user-friendly due to poor documentation, problems accessing Android Market, the “resistive” touchscreen and lack of just in time (JIT) support.

ECC Memory: A Random Access Memory (RAM)

ECC RAM is used to trace and correct single bit errors. However, this is not normally recommended for personal computers.

Know Your Printer’s Security Weak Spots!

Advances in printer technology have created a new generation of printers with a high risk vulnerability to being a soft target for computer hackers. Most susceptible, of course, are those models which possess wireless connectivity enabling email and internet access.

Computer Hardware Guide: The Best System for You

There are many different types of computer systems currently available, so how do you choose which one is right for you? The answer to this lies in what you intend to use your computer for and how many tasks you need to do at the same time.

Your Hard Drive Is Dying, Here Are Several Reasons Why!

Did you know that EVERY hard disk will fail at some point? Yes, your computer’s data is not safe and can disappear at any given time with little warning. Learn how you can prevent this from happening to you.

Fingerprint Scanning Biometric Security Comes to Your PC

A new security system that uses biometric technology has come available and affordable. Called the Secure Mouse, the mouse actually controls four layers of software that protect your PC from intrusion online and off. Secure Mouse is the lock. Your fingerprint is the key.

Understanding the Usefulness and Technology Behind ID Scanners

An ID scanner is a technological asset that can benefit a wide range of businesses such as night clubs and casinos, liqueur stores and even regular convenience stores. In order to fully understand the useful aspects of the ID scanner, one must understand the basics of its technology and the way it operates.

HP P3005 – Some Common Issues

The HP Laserjet P3005 printer models offer high speed printing, up to 35ppm on letter sized paper. The P3005 models also use Hewlett Packard’s FastRes 1200 technology, enabling the printer to produce 1200 DPI quality output. This feature can be turned off as well, increasing print speeds and reducing toner usage.

Tips for Fixing USB Unknown Device Problems

This article provides tips for fixing USB unknown device, a common PC problem that almost all PC users may encounter sooner or later. The following tips will be considered: replugging your USB device, restarting a computer, reinstalling USB device drivers and searching for them online. Another possible solution that many PC users find appealing is mentioned at the end.

Data Centre Cabling

There are a number of things that need to be considered when planning a data centre cabling operation. The most important consideration is whether you use fiber or copper cabling. After you make that decision, you have to decide what termination method you want or need used. After that choice is made, you need to decide where the cables are going to run. Finally, you’ll need to decide such things as rack density, manufacturers to use and what specifications you’re going to use when the installer installs your data centre cabling. A structured cabling specialist, such as a BICSI-certified Registered Communications Distribution Designer, can help you make all these decisions, while making sure the company you choose uses BICSI certified installers and Technicians ensures that your cabling job is done properly and to all applicable standards.

How to Use a Computer to Get Rid of the Dinosaur on Your Shelf

You can use your computer to transfer VHS tapes from a VCR to a DVD so you can finally get rid of your VCR. By using your computer you can edit and format the video footage before burning it to DVD.

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