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First Look: The HP Victus 15 Is a Minimalist Gaming Laptop for Under $1,000

First Look: The HP Victus 15 Is a Minimalist Gaming Laptop for Under $1,000 Leave a comment

This clean-looking 15-inch gaming laptop is targeting budget shoppers while still offering contemporary components.

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What You Need to Know About IT Support and Relocation

Moving a data center is a far worse experience compared to moving offices. It is defiantly a job for IT support. Yet, despite all of the problems and expenses associated with an IT relocation this can be a great opportunity for management to make some smart moves. For instance, upgrading the facility to green technology is one of those smart moves.

Some Common HP P4515 Series Printer Problems

The HP P4015 series printer, replacement for the 4200 series printer, is a business class workhorse of a laser printer. Faster print speeds with a higher duty cycle which will go 225,000 pages between maintenance kit replacements. The 4200 series has a 200,000 page maintenance kit cycle. The 4250/4350 series has a 225,000 kit cycle also but cannot match the print speeds of the 4515 model line.

Printer Service – 8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Technician!

Here are questions to ask before hiring a technician. Are you an a+ certified technician? It is important to know for sure and not just hire anyone.

Samsung SCX Printers For Your Business

Multi-functional, fast and efficient, the Samsung SCX printer series is a great investment for offices that require heavy everyday quality printing. A printer from this line of models, paired with compatible Samsung toner cartridges, produces professional-looking documents at an affordable price.

Computer Cables – Gear Up Your Audio-Video Devices

Connecting different devices to your computer or TV is more than just plugging in the cables. You need to learn which are compatible and which ones aren’t. Learning some basics about the different kinds of cables will help you build a better audio/video system.

Server Rack Offers Durability, Versatility, and Flexibility

Long lasting 1U rackmount computers have endless possibilities when it comes to durability, versatility, and flexibility. Constructed of heavy duty steel, the design of these computers were primarily intended for military purposes because of its ability to withstand the harshest environments. Made to operate without failure, even the strongest winds, worst weather conditions, and highest vibrations can’t get through to these server racks.

Reprogramming HP 42XX/43XX and HP P40XX Series Formatters

The HP 4200/4300 series and HP P4014/4015/4515 series printers are chipped or programmed at the factory to be certain models. Whether it is a base unit, or a model with a resident or embedded network capabilities on the formatter. Between the formatter and the DC controller these identities are shared, each having a role in the identity of the printer.

Dell Streak 7 Tablet PC Specification Summary

The Dell Streak 7 is a tablet PC available to buy now. We look at what its key specification details are compared to other tablet PCs and review how it stacks up. The Dell Streak 7 is an ok tablet let down by weak battery and a low pixel resolution screen. It does however have a strong processor, good quality screen, cameras and connects to the powerful 4G network.

Did Smartphones Kill The Video Star?

Cisco announced recently that it’s pulling back its product lines to focus on its core competencies, especially in the consumer space. The first casualty of Cisco’s culling strategy has been a product that was always a slightly odd fit with the rest of Cisco’s lines, namely the Flip video camera.

Apple’s New Data Centers – Is there a Cloud on the Verizon?

As you know Apple is one of the largest companies by market cap in the world now, and many people say that they have beat out Microsoft, and isn’t it funny how things change. Nevertheless, I would like to remind you that Bill Gates and Microsoft bailed out Apple when it was on the verge of bankruptcy over a decade ago. Apple wouldn’t be in existence today without that lifeline.

Benefits of Using NAS to Backup Data

A NAS drive, or Network Area Storage drive allows the external hard disk to be located elsewhere in the house. Because its physically in a different location the chances of it being stolen or damaged at the same time as your PC are greatly reduced. Especially if you get creative and position in a place that’s difficult to spot.

Different Types of HDMI Cables

If you have just had your friend emailing you a funny video and you want to watch this video in its full glory rather than on a small computer or laptop screen, then you would want to “hook” your computer to your LCD or plasma TV and view it on the big screen. There are various types of cables and connections, which you can use to do that, depending on your computer hardware and your TV model, and the HDMI cable is one of them. You can use HDMI cables to connect your computer, gaming console, PlayStation, Xbox, or camcorder to a digital TV, monitor, or video projector. What the cable does is, it transmits uncompressed digital data, using slightly different standards – while the HDMI 1.0 to HDMI 1.2a cables use the EIA/CEA-861-B video standard, the HDMI 1.3+ cables use the CEA-861-D one.

Super Speed S3 HDMI Cables

If you are on the market for an HDMI cable, you could easily get lost into the wide variety of types and get even more confused by the recommendations of the sales clerks. There are quite a few types of HDMI cables, which are suitable for different applications, but all you need is a HDMI cable that works. There is a bit of a difference between the more expensive and the cheapest ones as the former are often thicker and could withstand more misuse and abuse, however, you are unlikely to need a super-tough HDMI cable on a first place. As long as you pick the correct model and length that works for you, you will not need to worry about its model, characteristics, or standards that the cable uses.

Why You Should Use HDMI Cables

If you ask anyone, who has experimented with DVI, Component Video, and HDMI to compare the three, most would declare the HDMI technology the winner. There is no reason why you would not use the other two with great success, but the HDMI cables come with many advantages that are likely to help you get the best audio and video quality out of your equipment. For starters, the HDMI cables transmit digital data, much like the computers do and this results in virtually no loss or distortion of the signal. It is true that for short distances, the Component Video cables will perform just as well – after all, most people would only need a cable, no longer than a few meters for their home for their setups.

What Do HDMI Cables Support?

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) products for consumers were first offered in 2003 and since then, this technology has seen a great surge in popularity. Today, you can use HDMI cables with personal computers, Blu-Ray Disc and high definition DVD players, gaming consoles, and even the latest digital cameras and camcorders are sold with mini-HDMI connectors. The evolution in the technology has brought a number of new versions and while the oldest, 1.0 HDMI cables, were and are still great for many devices and applications, the latest, 1.4 and 1.4a come with extended capabilities and are likely to offer everything that you might need.

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