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Beskar Ingot Bits and Bytes! Hands On With Seagate's Mandalorian-Themed Hard Drive and M.2 SSD

Beskar Ingot Bits and Bytes! Hands On With Seagate’s Mandalorian-Themed Hard Drive and M.2 SSD Leave a comment

This is the way to expand your desktop, laptop, or PS5’s capacity! Senior Analysts Matt Buzzi and Tony Hoffman take a look at Seagate’s Star Wars storage gear.

Read more about Seagate’s Mandalorian drives right here!

00:00 – 00:38 Intro
00:38 – 03:26 Internal SSD design and specs
03:26 – 06:04 External hard drive design and specs
06:04 – 06:35 Other Seagate Star Wars themed products
06:35 – 07:16 Wrap up

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Mobile Printers Are The Greatest Solution For An Office On The Go

Mobile printers are allowing individuals to become empowered by being able to produce quality contracts and other types of information while on the go. Working at optimal peak requires you to have access to the resources you need to produce your best work. This is where it becomes vital to explore what engineers are creating for dedicated professionals who are aiming for success.

Quantum Computers – Closer and Closer

The microprocessors used today are absolutely amazing on their own; it seemed, and for good reason, that there was little we could do to improve them. If anything was to top microprocessors, it would have to be something from a totally different league, which is just down right hard. But then, the idea of quantum computing came along, and everybody started rubbing their hands.

Touch Screen As the Hot Pick in New Technology

Technology has always continuously advanced as the days go by. New and enhanced forms of gadgets have been introduced almost everyday. The notion that necessity breeds innovation and invention has been seemingly outdated by the reality that modern ingenuities were propelled not only by practical necessity but most especially by the need for luxury and convenience.

New Printer Processes Aimed At Small Business

Recent product and distribution announcements from leading global printer and printer ink cartridge brands, Dell and Xerox reinforce the importance for businesses to still obtain good quality, printed documents for many of their traditional marketing activities, presentations and offline advertising. Developments in faster and increased capacity for computer information, data and multimedia exchange, access and storage have not removed the need for printing physical documents. This is despite the urgency to reduce inefficient and unnecessary energy consumption by cutting CO2 emissions in a bid to combat to be both environmentally-friendly and help to slow perceived, man-made climate change.

Will Computer Hardware and Technological Innovation Leave ATC Workers Unemployed?

If you will recall back in Ronald Reagan’s day as President, there was a showdown between his administration and the air traffic control workers. He warned them not to strike or they’d be fired – they did, and they were. End of story, or is it.

Watch The New Radeons – The Next ‘C’ Is Here

Get ready to service your computer. AMD ushered during the DirectX 11 days when using the GPU known as “Cypress, ” that influenced the particular Radeon HD5800 compilation of graphics cards. At the release, this Radeon HD 5800 sequence supplied additional benefits and also superior operation as opposed to all other class of graphics cards to come just before it.

Future NextGen Air Traffic Control Discussed – Computer Hardware Needed

The innovative ideas, concepts, and inventions derived from the NextGen Project (Next Generation of Aviation) have been quite forward thinking. The FAA, NASA, Academia, and aviation experts from industry have all been involved. But I would like to ask a very serious question about all this, namely, how can aviation move forward while the bureaucracy has so much regulation on the sector?

Care and Maintenance for Your Touch Screen Device

Touch screen technology is definitely growing in popularity these days. Suddenly, there is huge wave of touch screen devices that are available in the market. Touch screen devices are considered to be both input and output devices because they have the capability to receive and display information on the fly. Devices such as smart phones, computer monitors, touch screen overlay, ATM machines, cash registers and so on are all using touch screen technology and they are widely used these days. So it is safe to say that touch screen technology is here to stay.

Tips To Enjoy Safe Internet Browsing

How to ensure Internet safety? Firstly, there should be a strong firewall protection for your network. There are some important things like an anti-virus software, anti-spyware software installed on your PC. Explore this article and learn how to enjoy safe internet browsing.

Choosing Portable Printers For Mobility

In this extremely mobile world, there is a growing need for the ability to print from anywhere. Offices have moved from corporate buildings to coffee shops, homes, and vehicles. The need for a good quality portable printers has gone from being a convenience to a necessity for work to continue to be mobile. Choosing the right one depends on personal preference, needed options, and cost.

Thermal Printer For Anything And Everything

It used to be that when one returned from vacation it would take a week or two to get the pictures developed to be able to properly reminisce. Now, with a thermal printer one can print out the memories immediately. Add in the ease of use of these devices and how simple it is to load images, and it is easy to reflect on how much technology has advanced over just a few years.

Ceramic Technology Helps Make Printers Environmentally Friendly and Cuts Running Costs

The printing industry generally operates at a fast pace and on very narrow margins but at the same time printers need to keep abreast of developments in printing technology. Keeping control of costs is essential for any business to remain competitive. When the competition is as fierce as it is presently a business needs to be increasingly innovative to stay ahead of its competitors and to ensure its customer service is absolutely top notch.

Choosing the Best Laptop Brand

Almost all of us are making efforts to own the ideal laptop computers for everyday needs and business activities. However, surveys reveal that not all people, particularly businessmen get the best and the top laptop brands. This fact is based on the increasing number of complaints. Looking for the best and top laptop brand can be a stressful task because of the numerous brands and designs available in the market today.

The Pros and Cons of Technology Implementation in Schools

It is hard to deny the impact of modern technology in our lives. Technology has made things happen which we would have thought to be not possible decades ago. Technology has made life far more convenient for many of us. These days majority of the people and businesses are largely dependent on computers and unable to function effectively without it.

SKF Microlog Advisor Pro Portable Hand Held Data Collector

The SKF Microlog Advisor Pro is a portable hand held data collector, this stand alone vibration monitoring device combines the functionality of several instruments into one key unit. The Microlog Advisor Pro comes in a range of kits allowing for specific testing of machinery in a number of ways such as balance testing, conformance testing, bump testing and analysis and reporting.

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