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Hands On With the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Hands On With the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Leave a comment

We take a first look at the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Read more about the new AirPods Pro right here!

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Duet Apogee Turns Your Mac Into An Audio Powerhouse!

Think of it as an audio card for your computer (Mac’s only please!). After you hook it up to your Firewire computer port you can make it the default sound source, meaning even the music from your iTunes library is going through the Duet Apogee. This was an added bonus for me.

Remote Computer Repair, Fast And Reliable Services To Fix PC Issues

Computer and internet is now a household word. And when it comes to troubleshoot PC issues, remote computer repair is perhaps the best solution. There are a number of computer tech support providers that offer remote support to resolve all your PC woes.

Compaq Presario SR1900 Computers

Desktop computers are rapidly replacing by laptops due to their portability and ingenuity but these are not much durable like desktop PCs. Desktop computer’s advantages rule over the benefits of the laptops.

Wireless USB Hub – Free Yourself From Cable Clutter!

What is a Wireless USB Hub? Wireless USB was created for laptop users allowing the device to go into sleep mode when the connection is not being used. This allows for little to no power being drained from the laptop batteries.

What You Need to Know About Wireless Internet for Laptops

The use of internet as a major component for research and communication has been very popular nowadays. In fact, eight out of ten homes have at least one personal computer in them. If there is no personal computer available, there are laptops that can be used to access the internet. But sometimes wired internet connections for laptops become a hassle especially if you need to access the internet on the go. The emergence of wireless internet for laptop has doubled the number of internet users a day.

Why To Choose MacBook Pro

Are you planning to buy a laptop? If yes, why is it not a MacBook Pro? This is an outstanding piece of device that can give a new dimension to your computing experience. You may wonder why to go for MacBook Pro. Well, there are plenty of reasons, and in this article we will discuss about them.

Tips to Optimize Windows Startup

After hitting the power button you need to wait for several minutes before your PC is ready to run. What to do? By making some simple changes to the system BIOS, you can help speed boot time in Windows. Explore the topic and learn more.

CD Duplication Overview

When carrying out the duplication of a CD, there are two main phases; firstly preparing the information, or data, to go onto the CD and then writing that information to the CD. During the first phase, the data is arranged into what is called an ‘optical disk image, i.e. creating an image that holds the information that will then be transferred onto the disc.

CD Replication Overview

CD Replication is the process of producing multiple copies of a CD using a master copy, usually from a master CD of very high quality or directly from an attached computer hard drive. The quality of the original master needs to be very high as some quality is lost during the Replication process, so in order to maintain a satisfactory high quality finish to the replicated CDs, the original must be excellent. CD Replication involves a number of stages.

The Advantages Of The Lexmark E360 Printer

When it comes time to open the doors on a new business, there is a lot that can be said about the use of its printer. This machine can be seen as a crucial corner piece of any good office set up.

Choosing the Right Headset Microphones

Headset microphones are classified as headphones with a microphone attached on it. Users will be wearing this on the head just like a normal headphone. It can be used for listening and recording sounds. The popularity of this device has tremendously increased with the rise of different voice services in the internet such as voice chat and internet phone.

Hard Drive Technology Regarding Data Backup and Integrity

Backup strategies encompass many aspects of technology. Often the software gets all the attention, yet also noteworthy is another important component of backup – the physical storage device. There are several places to store your backup data, and all of them are technically physical. Cloud backup seems virtual, though in reality it’s just the act of backing up your data to a remote hard drive via the internet (or intranet). Backing up to a flashdrive (or thumbdrive) is also physical – it lacks a physical disk like a traditional hard drive, but there is still clearly circuitry and an enclosure. But this article will address hard drives as they are the most common source and destination for backup data. This makes knowledge of the varieties and their characteristics integral to a strong grasp on data integrity. Hard drives are now offered in two major types: hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs).

Eye Popping Prints With the HP Designjet 130 Printer

If you are looking for high end print jobs then you should check out the Designjet. It’s pricey but the quality of your documents is worth every penny. The Designjet gives your pictures precise details and fabulous color.

All About Green PC Technology

Recently global warming has become a prime concern for all countries on the globe. All most all governments on the earth are taking drastic measures to reduce Carbon emission in their countries. And these measures are applicable to all industries including that of Information Technology.

What Qualities Make The Best All In One Printer?

What attributes of an all in one printer do you look for? There are several characteristics that comprise the best all in one printer, and you should look for these key things before you purchase your next one. If you do not get a quality all in one printer that is good at each of these tasks mentioned below, then you will be sorely missing a key aspect of your new printer’s functionality.

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