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Hands On With the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Lineup

Hands On With the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Lineup Leave a comment

We take a first look at the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Lineup.

Read more about the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Lineup right here!

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Wireless Router – The Best Choice To Get Connected

Routers have now become an indispensable element of modern home and business networks. And wireless routers are now widely popular. If proper security measures are implemented, these routers could render the best services to get connected to the LAN and WAN.

3 Dimensional TVs – Find Out How They Function

The rise of 3D Television goes on. Discover how a 3D TV works. The number of 3D TVs sold has continued to rise over the last year and shows no sign of slowing down. This article takes a look at how 3D TV pictures are recorded and displayed on the TV.

Technology, Tools and Toys – How Our Pleasure Drives Our Productivity

Depending on your generation, the first contact you may have had with a computer was a calculator. Soon, primitive word processors began to put small screens on typewriters and then finally a monitor for data entry. When the fax machine came out, it took 15 minutes to send a single page.

Sick of Traditional Keyboard? – Here Is a Little Known Option

If you’re sick of the traditional keyboard there is another option. This article will review a seldom talked about alternative to the traditional keyboard which many find more advantageous.

RFID – The Ideal Solution For Access Control

Access control systems are required most organizations today, and they all try to implement the most efficient system available. The need for such a system arises from the need to…

Build the Computer You’ve Always Wanted for a Price You Can Afford

A beginners guide to designing and building a desktop computer. If you are interested in having the computer of your dreams for less than the cost of a typical brand-name machine, read this. Anyone who can read and follow directions, regardless of computer knowledge or experience, will be able to build their own custom desktop computer from the ground up following this guide.

Optical Transceivers And SFP Modules Enhance Fiber Network Performance

The practicality offered by optical fiber connections is far greater than the regular circulation of information via electrical wires. Technology discovered its way to allow pulses and light beams to disperse information via solid cables or transparent fibers out of fiber optics. As high density information distribution is turning out to be very ordinary in businesses of these days; Cisco SFP transceivers that are regarded as fiber optic technology’s building blocks, are gradually used in order to maintain the seemingly infinite need for greater bandwidth, better system operation and lesser environmental interference.

Computer Repair Easier than Fixing Your Hair

In the advancement of technology, it has become possible that more and more updates are able to lessen the parts and components found on the computer. Many functions have been compressed into a few devices and parts, making it simpler for people who are already into working on computer repair since they were younger.

Linksys E4200 Router

Linksys E4200 router is a new E series router with a wireless upto 450 mbps. This router has 4 gigabit Ethernet ports for high speed data transfer. You can setup this router using Cisco connect software or manually.

Computer Repair: Replacing a Hard Drive

This is an informal guide on how to replace a hard drive. It is a step by step walk-through on the process.

Nothing Is More Frustrating Than Running Out of Printer Inks and Toners

You know what it’s like – you’ve got a print job running and all of a sudden the printer says – can’t go any further, out of ink! Like me, you’re probably not so organized that you have a spare cartridge on hand, particularly if you use a laser toner costing mega-bucks. But this print job is important and you’ve got to get it done so you have to get another toner quickly – what to do?

The Barcode Mechanism

Barcode scanners or barcode readers are devices that can scan and interpret barcodes printed on labels and products. They use the same mechanism as flatbed scanners with a light source, a sensor and a lens.

How To Install Windows 7 From USB

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system these days. Do you know installing windows 7 from USB is much faster than installing the same from a DVD? Explore this article and learn the process to install this operating system from USB.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get an All-In-One Printer

Are you a small scale business person and having a hard time deciding whether to get the all-in-one printer or not? Then do look up on my article, maybe it will make up your mind.

Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets, A Must For Better Computing Experience

The gadget feature was initiated with Windows Vista operating system to make the computing experience better and with Windows 7 this has been improved a lot. Now, there are hundreds of gadgets available for the Windows 7. In this article we have talked about some of the top gadgets for Windows 7.

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