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Hands On With the Apple Watch Ultra

Hands On With the Apple Watch Ultra Leave a comment

We take a first look at the Apple Watch Ultra.

Read more about the Apple Watch Ultra right here!

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501(C) Charitable Facilitation – A Little Known Alternative For Surplus IT Asset Disposition

What is the best way for a corporation to handle the disposition of surplus IT assets? A growing number of corporations are employing a Charitable Facilitator to donate cash to charities while obtaining a write-off for the value of their surplus IT assets.

I Want an iPad That Flies – Well, Now You Have One Says the FAA

It seems the Apple iPad has so many applications that one can hardly keep it on the ground. In fact, the FAA has approved the Flying iPad. No, it doesn’t actually fly like a little MAV micro-air vehicle, the bird sized UAV, rather US pilots are now allowed to use it in the cockpit instead of our J-Aides or staring at sectional charts and unfolding and refolding them all the time.

Gnome Shell Vs Ubuntu Unity

When it comes to choose the next generation of the desktop environment, there is sheer war among the computer users, whether to choose GNOME Shell or Ubuntu Unity? Both of these operating systems are looming on the horizon and there are huge expectations from desktop environments.

Understanding SDD Performance

If you have decided to equip your computer with an SSD drive, you have certainly made a very good decision. There are a number of reasons that make SSD drives a superior alternative to conventional hard disk drives. And with SSD prices decreasing with time, they have now become far more affordable than they had ever been.

Network Racks – Choosing a Network Rack for Your Hardware

When considering a network rack, there are many factors you will want to consider. After all, the equipment housed in these racks is not inexpensive, and the data your network hardware holds may be invaluable.

Comparing Three Set Top Boxes From Logitech, Apple and Western Digital

There are several set-top boxes available for sale out there currently, and three of the far more affordable digital media receivers are the Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p HD Media Player, more frequently referred to as WD TV, the eponymous Apple TV, and a slightly expensive one, the Logitech Revue with Google TV.

Top Tips To Protect Your PC From Viruses

To reduce the risk of viruses you can follow some simple things. The first thing is that you need to install a powerful antivirus program on your computer and then update it. There are many more. Explore this article and learn more about them.

Waterproof Kindle Cover – Protect Your Kindle And Make It Last Even Longer

Take your Kindle to the beach, use it at the pool, fear not a little rain outdoors when you protect your electronic reader with a waterproof Kindle cover. A Kindle case like this will protect from threats like sand and dirt too, allowing you to have access to your reading in places you would not take it before.

How To Protect Your Wireless Home Network

Use of wireless routers is quite common these days for wireless network connectivity. These routers are very easy to setup and you don’t need to be a tech geek to perform this task. But the problem is the easier it is for you to setup and connect, the easier it is for people outside your house to connect to the same wireless router.

Finding The Perfect Digital Copier

An informational article on which digital copier is best for your business. There are helpful questions included that you should ask before you make a decision.

Computer Mouse Mats: An Economical Promotional Product

To enhance your company’s name, logo and other details, you should explore the online stores. Their products are not only of high quality, but also ensure durability so that popular in the market.

Facts About Toner Cartridges

The toner cartridges are, in the simplest terms, the ink cartridges. In laser printers they are in fact fine particles used to apply print to the paper you are using in your machine.

Change For A New Laptop Battery

Of course, your laptop needs a high quality laptop battery, which can support your laptop for a long time. And then you can take your laptop anywhere you like. No matter you are in the airplane or in your car, you can use the laptop at any time.

The Best Projector for iPad 2

The iPad 2 was released in early March and has since been widely received as a monumental improvement to its predecessor. With its new HDMI output, the iPad 2 can do a whole lot more than it once could and projector connectivity couldn’t be simpler. Using the iPad’s keynote application, it is very easy to create visually stunning and content rich presentations that can now be displayed to a much larger audience.

Cisco Router Switch Module: Increased Cisco Device Functionality

Network switches and routers are very similar in both design and operation but do have their differences. They each have a specific purpose on a business network. A network switch is used to connect devices to computers within a location. It is a controller that facilitates communication between network devices. Switches use information sharing for proper resource allocation. They typically save many businesses money by improving network performance and staff productivity.

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